Serendipity describes the LDV Winery’ evolution. As professional community and strategic planners, the owners’ careers focused on helping governments and corporations develop and implement successful community, economic, and organizational plans.

This background reinforced the importance of having a strong game plan but experience taught them not to get stuck in that plan and to be open to the possibilities of where life will lead. That has meant a vineyard estate in southeastern Arizona making hand-crafted, quality wines.

As long-time wine collectors, the magic of the grape to glass journey has been a satisfaction. The deep connection winemakers and grape growers have to their land and their love of making something truly exceptional has always been a draw. The personal connection and passion that winemakers and growers have to their craft is what
LDV Winery strives to emulate.

The property has supported people for thousands of years based on the area history and geology. Many artifacts have been found in Ash Creek that cuts through the 40-acre parcel.

This history inspires the current inhabitants to be good stewards of the land.

The corn and squash that supported the original farmers are now grapes. Every summer when the monsoon rains come squash still grows in the vineyard and along the creek.

The grapes are grown as sustainably as possible. If care for the land, vineyards, and environment is taken, a quality product will be the result while nourishing this special place for the next ten generations.

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Membership Level: Master Grower / Winemaker / Willcox

Lawrence Dunham Vineyards

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Lawrence Dunham Wine Gallery

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