In 2012, Kief Manning purchased 40 acres in Kansas Settlement, which has since been designated by the federal government as the second American Viticulture Area (AVA) in Arizona. This is very important as it means that a vineyard who grows the grapes and produces the wine on property can now use the highest wine label designation of “Estate Wine.”

Although Kief-Joshua Vineyards has been growing grapes in Elgin since 2005 and producing “Arizona Only” wine for many years, Kief needed to rely on purchasing grapes from other Arizona vineyards for production. So the obvious solution was to open a second vineyard, winery and production facility in Willcox. Willcox boasts of the most Arizona vineyards and it also achieves top quality grapes with a high yield per acre.

Kief is very honored to become part of the Willcox Wine Country community. Over the next few years, he will include more blends in Willcox, while the Elgin tasting room will produce 100% varietals. Our Willcox tasting room is located at 4923 E. Arzberger Road, Willcox, AZ. In March, the tasting room will be open Friday through Sunday, from 11-5. We sincerely hope you will stop by for a visit.

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Membership Level: Master Grower / Winemaker / Willcox

Willcox Tasting Room

4923 E Arzberger Rd.

Willcox, AZ 85643 USA


(520) 609-1017 (  Office )