While honeymooning in Italy, Irlyn and Gavin Gallifant were awed by the wine and humble life of the winegrowers. They imagined their life together, living off the fruit of their labor,  making and sharing their wines. Returning to Arizona, they poured themselves into the art of wine, inspiring Gallifant Cellars.  Making made the first crush in 2008, our ’08 Cabernet Sauvignon “George’s Tribute”. Since then we purchased a Historic building in Willcox, AZ with the intention of opening our winery there, since that is where our grapes are grown. Peoria has been our home and where we raised our 7 children, so we decided to bring the winery to us. Winery 101 is the result of wanting to be close to our kids and grandkids and all our friends. In February 2014, we purchased Suite 101 and the rest is yet to come..

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Winery 101

9299 W. Olive Ave, Suite 101
Peoria, AZ 85381 USA

520-477-9463 ( Main )