Managing owners Mark and Jacque Cook opened Coronado Vineyards in November 2006, with the belief that the true value in wine is in its experience. Inherently, wine is created to be enjoyed by those who consume it. At Coronado Vineyards, we believe that whether your palate prefers sweeter and fruitier wines, or dry complex sophisticated wines, you only should consume wine which you enjoy. It is up to you to decide your favorite, and for that reason Coronado Vineyards creates wines distinctly for you and your individual taste. So enjoy a bottle of Coronado Vineyards’ wine with someone you find extraordinary, because we believe that every day is a special occasion.

Nestled between the majestic Mt. Graham and the unique Dos Cabezas mountains, in the Coronado National forest, a unique wine tasting experience awaits you.

It was spring 2005, in the early morning shadows of the Dos Cabezas Mountains, that managing partners, Mark and Jacque Cook, planted the first vines of the El Pinito Vineyard.  The vineyard is named for the lone, majestic pine tree in the vineyard, all that remains of what once was a golf course.  The vines flourished, and on November 18, 2006, the Coronado Vineyards tasting room held its grand opening.

Coronado Vineyards now produces some of Arizona’s finest wines.  With elevations reaching over 4,000 feet, Southeast Arizona’s high desert is the perfect location for producing grapes of distinct quality and character.  Warm and dry summer days, cool nights, and mineral rich soils contribute to the intensity and wide range of flavors of our wines.  We craft each wine to be a unique experience, from sweet table wines and exciting blends, to our fine varietals including Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Riesling.

Our tasting room, gift shop and El Pinito vineyard offer the perfect setting to enjoy wine and appetizers with a group of friends or family. Come experience all that Coronado Vineyards has to offer. An adventure in wine tasting awaits you.

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Coronado Vineyards & Tasting Room

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